Friday, January 30, 2009


We would love to know who is going to make it to the party or not...

Please leave a note, who will be coming and if you would like to leave a message or a picture feel free..

Please include if your child has any food alergies so we can acomodate those needs.

*** To post a comment ** under this entry click on "comments" it will open a box, type your comment post your pic or just leave the name of the children and adults that will be attending. Then in the drop down next to "comment as" choose " "anonymous" and publish. ***

Thank you for taking the time to RSVP and let us know you will be able to join us. We look forward to seeing you!


  1. Alissa and I will be happy to come to Zachary's birthday party on February 21.

    Thank you for inviting us.



  2. Hi April -
    Julian absolutely can't wait for Ayden's birthday and will definitely be there. I am also wondering if it would be a problem if my nephew Logan (he is 7) comes with us. We are attending another birthday party in Palm Harbor that afternoon so it would be nice for logistic reasons if he was already with us in the morning. Just let me know when you can, I'll see you at school or you can call me 455-2860!!

    Beth Clark

  3. Jake and Emma will be there ready to Kata:)

  4. Beth,

    We would love for Logan to come also we look forward to meeting him!!

  5. Zak will be there ready to show everyone his moves!!! We are really looking forward to it. Thank you:-)


  6. Jonathan Diaz and I (his mom) will be there. We look forward to it. Thank you.
    Tobi Diaz

  7. Ian will be there...thank you :)

  8. Amy and Simon won't be able to make it. I'm on call and also have a community event to attend from 10-12 Saturday. Thanks for the invitation and Happy Birthday to Ayden! It sounds like you will have a great time. Tanya

  9. Christopher won't be able to make it - I'll be out of town that day. Thanks for the invite and we hope everyone has fun! Teresa Fabiano

  10. Hi There! Bobby will be attending the Party! He is very excited! See you guys there! =)